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Maths Subtraction 100 Days – Grade 2 to 3


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Help your child improve their subtraction ability by doing a subtraction worksheet daily for 100 days.

This A4 printable download includes:

  • 100 subtraction worksheets (for 100 days)
  • Answer keys for parents to mark them off with ease
  • 3 progress certificates (25, 50 and 75 days) and a 100 day completion certificate

Suitable for children at grade/year levels 2 to 3.

Repetition is the secret

Basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division provide the foundation for a lifelong learning in maths. While many children struggle with these concepts, repeatedly practicing them can have significant benefits.

Improves mental math skills

One of the significant benefits of repeatedly practicing basic math operations is that it helps improve children’s mental math skills. Mental math is the ability to perform mathematical calculations in one’s head without using external aids such as calculators or pen and paper. Mental math skills are crucial as they help children solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Boosts problem-solving abilities

Another benefit of practicing basic math operations repeatedly is that it helps improve children’s problem-solving abilities. When children solve math problems, they develop critical thinking skills, which help them approach problems in a logical and systematic manner. This approach can be applied to other areas of their lives, helping them become better problemsolvers in general.

Furthermore, when children practice basic math operations repeatedly, they become better at recognizing patterns and identifying relationships between numbers. This ability is crucial for problem-solving as it enables them to break complex problems down into smaller, more
manageable parts.

Enhances memory and concentration

Repetitively practicing basic math operations can also enhance children’s memory and concentration. Solving math problems requires a significant amount of mental focus and attention to detail. When children practice addition and subtraction repeatedly, they strengthen their memory and concentration abilities, which can be applied to other areas of their lives as well.

Moreover, practicing math addition and subtraction can be an enjoyable activity for children. They can challenge themselves to solve problems more quickly or try to beat their previous records. This fun and competitive aspect of math can help keep children engaged and motivated to continue practicing.

Prepares for more advanced math concepts

Repeatedly practicing basic math operations is beneficial for children as it prepares them for more advanced math concepts they will encounter in the future. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are the building blocks of more complex mathematical operations such as algebra. By mastering these basic operations early on, children are better equipped to understand these more advanced concepts.


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